Walt Disney World Vacation Package

When it comes to making memories of a lifetime Walt Disney World is the place to be. There are plenty of vacation options but one very common question is whether a Walt Disney World vacation package is for you?

Many prefer a Walt Disney World vacation package to planning all the details individually because they are so convenient and they present plenty of savings too.

Buying a vacation package doesn't automatically mean that you will receive a discount but often the more people in the group, the larger the savings become. And Disney often offers their own special promotion discount packages, especially during the off-season.

There are times when it may be cheaper to find flights and rooms separately with no other perks. Some even recommend booking only one nights stay and then hunting out the deals once you are there. This can save a few bucks but it can also be a real pain. Rather than starting to enjoy your vacation right away, you have to waste time looking for cheap hotel accommodations.

That's why many don't care if there Walt Disney World vacation package actually saves them money. They buy into it because it saves them time and it's convenient.

Travel agents can provide you with some great vacation packages. They often have the best package choices with the most flexibility. Often the online travel agents can provide you with even better deals. Lower overhead means that lower profit margins can be achieved.

There most common packages are seven day, ten day, and fourteen day. Packages often come with a few promotional give certificates that aren't included in the package value. You might get a bonus round of golf, a gift certificate to Planet Hollywood, or maybe a free dinner at the hotel.

To give you an idea of the type of packages offered read on.

  • Disney's Magic Your Way Package – With this package you can experience the magic of a Walt Disney World vacation that you've heard so much about and it's at an affordable rate. The package includes accommodations at one of Disney's owned and operated resort hotel, plus a Magic Your Way base ticket for everyone in the group.
  • Disney's Magic Your Way Package Plus Dining – This package has everything from the Disney's Magic Your Way Package, as well as the dining plan t per person with more than 100 restaurants choices across the Walt Disney World Resort.
  • Disney's Magic Your Way Premium Package – This is a deluxe package that includes just about everything - your Disney's Magic Your Way Package, breakfast, lunch and dinner per person, per package night, recreation, theme park tours, and even admission to the Cirque du Soleil.
  • Disney's Magic Your Way Platinum Package – This is the ultra luxury package with everything the premium package has plus unlimited, unlimited select tours, private golf lessons, one spa treatment, tickets for Cirque du Soleil, unlimited child care , and a host of other great offers.

That's just a few ideas of just what types of vacation packages you've got to choose from. So what does your perfect Walt Disney World vacation package look like?

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